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moved to tumblr. bye.


baru sampai nak pegi dah

k fine.


yah yah yah

LetzHop™ Sesame Street English coming soon :)


lego urbanized

haih.. dah lama tak buat.. i swear i'm going to buy Lego for my children someday. this stop motion video is produced by Happycentro and was featured on We And The Colour.


seeing pastel

i'm a sucker for cute websites like this. Mango Tree.



i know it's in Russian but, it's nice, no?

quoted from InforgraphicsMag.ru:
"Global warming and sea level rise of concern to many scientists, however, distinct predictions, of course, no one can give. Employees of the University of Potsdam (not to be confused with British scientists) have calculated that at current rates of melting ice, sea level will rise by 1 meter every 100 years. Their opinions and we take as a starting point."


japan accent

it's simple but it still looks Japanese. designed by Christopher Dina.

know your place

we're too little to compare with nature. who are we to be the king of all this?

designed by Always With Honor.


Butik Emas Sutera

meh la datang cari baju raya kat my mom's boutique :) i'll be there every night this Ramadhan. kalau datang masa i ada, boleh la dapat discount :D

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Olympic 2012 in 3D

ni mesti kes tamau bagi some of the athletes get more popularity than the others. sebab tu buat in 3D from Notcot.


super pixelated

siap la lepas ni semuanya jadi Beadxels! designed by Pablo Cialoni. from Geekologie.


can i lick this screen please?

haih.. tengok je pun dah meleleh.. another cute stuff from Loulou & Tummie!

100 iconic years

this poster was made to celebrate 100 iconic movies produced by Paramount Pictures to mark their 100th birthday. have fun identifying all of them! :D

Have Faith Graffitivity!

poster designed by encik Blank172 :) i'm going. are you?