this is a first :)

Interesting Blog Award

i've been blogging for two years plus and this is my first blog award from a school friend of mine, Amalina Hassan who owns GrandCaffeLatte Blog (or izit Memories to be Treasured? mane satu title blog kau ni, Alin??). we were in the same form 4 and 5 Sigma in high school at SMK Putrajaya 3 (P16)(1) (malas nak explain kenape ade kurungan2 tu). she was one of BEST student (kene tulis huruf besar sebab dea sangat2 pandai) and now she's studying for Bachelor of Accountancy in UPM. dea ade banyak boifrens dulu tapi skarang dea dha steady kot ngan adela mamat tu.. haha.. skarang dapat jumpe mase raya je.. dulu yoyo cakap lepas abes skolah jangan pisah2. skarang, she's one of my my very few friends yang still tinggal kat Putrajaya. yang laen sume mane ntah pergi.. besday dea 5th October ni jangan lupaaa..

sooo... dah dapat award ni, kenala bagi award ni kat orang laen gak kann.. haa.. sape2 yang rase blog dea bagus, silalah amek award ni buat hiasan kat sidebar blog korang tu..

as i've said before, my blog is like my folio of inspirations that i've stumbled upon the internet. i don't expect people to award me with coolness awards such as this. i'm super thrilled to be awarded but, to me, blogging isn't about getting rewarded for what you've written or for having a nice design. maybe benda2 macam tu bley la buat skali-skala. but, blogging for me is about how you can inspire others without hoping for anything in return. i'll feel extremely thankful if there's anybody out there yang take whatever i've put on my blog as inspirations on what they are doing or what they will do in the future.

mekasih Alin! ni gambar dea masa raya tahun lepas.. tu la boifren terbaru dea..

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