take down those notes!

sure, people might bring laptops, PDAs or anything electronic nowadays to write lecture notes in class today. but, i still prefer the traditional method: writing notes in notebooks! it's more original, personal and effective that way. so, i took some time to look for some pretty notebooks around the net, mostly from Etsy coz Etsy have lots of exciting hand-made stuff and i loooove hand-made stuff! i sure have some other notebooks stored on my blog if you wna check em out.

Vintage Geometry Print Rescued Papers Notebook

The Storyboard Book

New York City Taxi Service 1950s Moleskin Journal

Little Black Book

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Half Crown Binder Journal in Pink and Orange Starburst

Reward Card Holder

Colourful Stripes Keyring Notepad

Tiny Notebooks

Control Freak Recycled Notebooks

Notebook Slipcover

Mixed Paper Journal

In Touch Clutch

Elton John Upcycled Mini Record Notebook

Baby's Daily Journal
and my favourite:

Red Moleskine Journal

i addded one more new tag: Books!

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