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Amelie Labarthe Sketchbook

wish my doodle book can be like hers; filled with my now that i'm using the nostalgic buku conteng that i bought from Wondermilk, it's even easier for me to doodle whatever i have in my mind rather than using big spacey pages in an A4 black sketchbook coz:
  • buku conteng is cute n light! u can carry it anywhere without feeling it's a burden to do so
  • buku conteng is not binded! u can tear off the whole thing and add more interesting coloured, patterned papers on em. soo inventive!
  • nama pun buku conteng.. suits the function!
  • the cover is made of the ever versatile brown paper which gives it an old-school vintage vibe that makes it more adorable wink wink*!

quoted from Dana, Doodlers Anonymous:
"Her sketchbooks always amaze me because they are so filled with nostalgia, amazing colors, mixed materials and textures. Her brilliant doodles seem to glide right from her mind to the pages of these fun filled books. I really felt a strong connection to her work from the get go, a lover and collector of vintage toys, a textile artist, and oh so much more..."

btw i was reading Faiz's latest post and it occured to me that yea, i do have lots of buku contengs during my school years :D kadang2 ade sampai 5 buku contengs in a year! sangat sronoookk~ i like using the Mathematics small square books yang no. 3 tu fo my buku conteng coz bley maen dam cina yang kepong2 tu haha.. n bley buat Pixel Art! it's easier to draw in it than the lined ones. dulu ske draw people with huge glittering eyes n tulis2 biodata with glitter pens n cute colourful cartoons. pastu tulis2 nicknames that i gave for each of my frens. i usually draw cartoon characters which i dunno why i liked doing so.

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