Luvstitch's doll house for Save Electreecity PSA

we're currently building this miniature house for our MI PSA TVC. wow. lots of abbreviations there.. our first job for Media Innovation this sem is to make a Public Service Announcement TV Commercial for Global Warming. we didn't choose the topic. the topic chose us. i have to say, i wasn't expecting to do global warming all over again coz we've done this topic during our first sem in Alpha. it's like deja-vu and DF all over again. but, me n Ecah had so much fun building the dollhouse! we're gna make a stop motion video of Luvstitch, my Bearbrick turning on all of the electrical stuff inside the house. you'll see why, on our coming video. wait for it!

more pictures of the making of the dollhouse on my FB.


rieL said...

Lawa gila oh! Tak sabar nak tengok stop motion :)

mein melon said...

hehe! thanx, riel! ktorg baruuuu je siapkan ni ha.. it's gna take a day baru Vimeo publish the video..