Save Electreecity!

Save Electreecity Campaign from mein melon on Vimeo.

i gotta say, this is one campaign that i'll never be tired of doing or fed up with. we've worked hard for it and it might not be THE best stop motion video or copywrite ever, but we did made a point of doing something different from what people expect we will do. we've definitely come out from our comfort zone by doing this tedious, exhilarating yet fun and less-typical approach on the global warming issue.

we hope that you enjoy viewing this rapid 37 seconds video as much as we enjoyed producing it. well, actually, we were only given 30 secs to make the video like everybody else, but, if we do that, maybe the message we want to tell wouldn't be understood well enough. we've put our best efforts in creating every detail of the video. oh! you HAVE to turn up the volume higher to feel the impact of the video, well, we hope so :)

here are some details on the campaign and video:

Our Mission
We are committed to educate the young minds about global warming and give them ideas on what causes global warming as well as telling them what they can do to stop it. It is simple. Reduce electricity usage, save the trees, save the Earth bits by bits from global warming. By using less energy, fewer amount of heat will be released into the atmosphere. This can save the trees, the most important living thing that help the continuing of normal process of the biological balance of nature.

It is time to stop being ignorant towards the planet we are living it.

The Idea behind the TV Commercial
We used toys to picture the situation of global warming in our TVC to show that people don’t treat global warming issue seriously. People know about the problem but, they don’t act like they do. The Bearbrick represents the ignorant, selfish and careless society of the youths today. The Bearbrick used an excessive amount of electricity by turning on the PC, radio, air-conditioner, television and all the other home appliances without turning them off when they’re not in use. This causes a short circuit to happen at the climax of the video, where all of the light bulbs burst as a result of overheating. In the end, what happens inside the house indirectly effects the area surrounding it, namely the environment. This means that the excessive use of electrical appliances especially the air conditioner emits noxious gases to the environment which encourages global warming. At the end of the video, the whole scene of the house is covered in a shade of red to depict the heat effect the Earth is taking in.

The Logo

The logo is an integration between electricity and a tree. There is a small opening on the top which resembles the piggybank hole. The logo basically says “save electricity, save the trees too”. The negative space besides the trees is shaped to look like a lightning bolt, which gives hint of ‘power’. The hierarchy of the lightning bolt, the tree, the root of the tree and the word ‘save’ clinging onto the roots of the tree is signifying that saving the electricity generates an a more eco-friendlier source of power and it is a root towards a better environment. The word ‘save’ is stylized to become a part of the wire to stress on the main message of the campaign which is save the electricity. The tree is a very important element of the logo too as without it, the reason for us pursuing this campaign could not be shown. We choose a more pointy tree to be used on the logo because the edges of the tree resembles the shape of a lightning bolt, which we use to symbolize electricity.


nazira aziz said...

nice one Mein!
good job I like the idea :)

mein melon said...

thank you soo much! me n Ecah did the whole thing for like a week..

KIM said...

Good one. I will say it as a very cute campaign and it will attract the childrens to see it. So, everybody will see it!

mein melon said...

we hope so, Kim! thanx :)