high on knit

high on knit
Wednesday, 24th February 2010 - High On Knit

had a 'brilliant' MI TVC presentation wif Ecah today..

melon wears:
  • Brown Knitted Long Cardigan (China)
  • Sequined T-Shirt (Lifestar)
  • High Waisted Black Pants (Esprit)
  • Brown Socks (Sox World)
  • Knitted Rainbow Flats (Vincii)
see more pictures of what i wear last week by clicking the Full Post> link down here.

dino teeth
Thursday, 25th February 2010 - Dino Teeth

had to act as a crazy shopaholic again today, only stressing more on the 'crazy' part. i find acting as a stupid person works better with me.

melon wears:
  • Mustard Dino T-Shirt (Malaya Distro)
  • Pinstripe Brown & Beige Halter Neck Vest (Radioactive)
  • High Waisted Black Pants (Esprit)
  • Yellow Socks (Sox World)
  • Stripey Purple & White Slip On Shoes (Crocs)

gongxi gongxi
Friday, 26th February 2010 - Gongxi Gongxi!

i as super tak puas hati today. some people can get away by doing shitty works. but, me, i think my works are quite okay, only have to add some tweaks here and there and do more of it. but, still, I AM NO PEMALAS when it comes to assignments! oh, and, thanks for people who liked this cheongsam top :D

melon wears:
  • White Inner Shirt (Emas Sutera)
  • Sleeveless Cheongsam Top (Vietnam)
  • Leather Skinnies (Romp)
  • Shoelaces Socks (Converse)
  • Neon Coral Pink Flats (Vincii)

poky polky
Friday, 27th February 2010 - Poky Polky

something bizzare happened today, but i'm not gna tell you bout it.. it's my first time wearing this dress in public.

melon wears:
  • Purple Bow Headband (Chamelon)
  • Black Polkadot Dress (Sungei Wang)
  • Black Opaque (Momoe')
  • Neon Coral Pink Flats (Vincii)

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