*UPDATE - uuu~! jumpa d video!! it was hillarioussss! hahaha! i kinda feel sorry for Ronald McDonald for being the bad guy all the time..

i've only seen short film on typo play. but, an entire short film of logos? now that's new to me. Logorama won the Best Short Film for Oscar 2010! and i haven't even seen the Oscars yet.. :( i can't embed the video here coz it doesn't allow embedding but, here are some of the screen shots. you can view the video on Logorama's website.

quoted from Brand New:
In dozens of years of watching the Oscars I had never cared about the outcome of the Best Animated Short Film, but this year it was different as in the running was a 16-minute film done almost entirely out of, literally, thousands of logos. Created by the French collective H5, and winner of the 2009 Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film, Logorama is not only a clever idea that brings to life some of the most ubiquitous marks of our time, but one that manages to exploit the meaning and conceptions we have of those marks and the brands behind them — whether it’s the villain of the movie, Ronald McDonald, spouting “Loser” after the Enron logo drops from the sky, or “White Trash” when the Kmart logo follows it.

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