Off The Cuff Show!

interested? you are most welcome to see me and my friends perform TODAY! the flyer's last minute coz i've been pretty busy doing Corporate Identity. we've been preparing for this show for 9 weeks now. it's time to show what we've got! hehe..

i chose the name myself. hope you guys from the theater class are okay with it. i searched on Wikipedia about "Improvisation" and came across the term "off the cuff". it's basically a synonym for "Improvisation".

it's very hard to think of an illustration that have a connection with "Improvisation". could you think of any? i didn't want to just make a sad and happy face drawings like most theater posters and logo do. but, then i end up doing silly characters like in the poster. well, i was thinking of what do people do when they forget their lines or how they're supposed to act. maybe they'll act crazy / poyo2 sket / angry / sad.. haha.. xde kne mengena.. but, that's what i've came up with :p~

datang yea, kawan2! FREE je! makanan bawak sendiri hehe.. x bley makan pun kot dalam class tu.. the venue will be on STAD building 1st floor sbelah kanan if you enter from the back pathway.


ilif said...

ada rakam tak? Didn't get the chance to go and see ):

mein melon said...

i tink Afif record kot.. nnt dea upload somewhere.. dh upload i letak sini ;)