strange Japan

* UPDATE - aiyooo... Kenichi stopped people from viewing the English version of the video.. i dunno why.. maybe you can see all 167 comments of the video and find out why.. here, i embeded the Japanese version of it.. hope the visual's enough for you to understand the video..

Japan - The Strange Country (Japanese ver.) from Kenichi on Vimeo.

Japan-The Strange Country (English ver.) from Kenichi on Vimeo.

wow! that was educative.. everything you need to know about what makes Japan a strange country has been compacted into this 11 minutes video. it gets weirder towards the end.. i wish they can make a video like that about Malaysia too, but maybe those cute simple illustrations doesn't quite suit Malaysia's style.. i love the combination of the illustrations and Museo typeface too. i think, it's the first time i see people using Museo in motion data visualization. the voice over tone matches the idea of the whole video too.

got the video from Fubiz.


YobSumo said...

every 16 minutes ade orang commit suicide? ah may gad.

mein melon said...

giler kan?? alaaaaaa... tapi Kenichi dah buang video tuuu :((