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Swatch CreArt / Billy the Artist from THANK YOU on Vimeo.

all that for showing the making of Swatch Art Collection designed by Billy the Artist. there are tons more of these. but, this is by far, my favourite. got it from Direto do Forno.

quoted from Thank You's Vimeo:
For a high profile launch in Venice of the new Swatch Art Collection, a series of watches decorated by international artists. We were commissioned by Swatch to tie together the entire campaign by unifying the different watches into one over-arching idea. Our brainchild was the Art Machine, a crazy, fast moving mechanical-looking device that creates art and spits out watches, while working to a time-related beat. A colorful mixture of materials and techniques achieved the right attitude for the films with the campaign successfully launched on all media fronts world wide.
here's another design by Mathew Langille:

Swatch CreArt / Mathew Langille from THANK YOU on Vimeo.


KIM said...

Oh amazing! I love the sound effect and the colours!

mein melon said...

can get lost in the colours..