everytime i watch an apocalypse movie, it's either the story's about the world's gna end because of nature disaster / alien or robots taking over the world / too much war going on / suddenly everyone's becoming a zombie because they eat or drink or exposed to something biochemically bad. did i miss anything? do tell!

Noupe posted a Zombie Inspiration post and these are the ones that caught my eyes:

Zombies Ahead

50+ Brain-Sucking, Walking the Earth Dead, Vector Zombies

Zombie Tweeter Bird

Badass Zombie Combat Boots

Zombie Lunch Bag

Zombie Girl


Brain Bowl

Zombie Spock

How to Survive a Zombie Attack Infographic (a good read!)

btw, my favourite zombie flick so far is Zombieland :p~ it cracks me up! Zombi Kampung Pisang pun best jugak.. hehe.. not to mention my favourite game, Left 4 Dead which i haven't got to play for some months now.. tunggula cuti..

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