free field trip campaign

Zeus Jones / Puny :: Holiday Bus Drive from Zeus Jones on Vimeo.

soo chomell! i've never heard of this kind of campaign before. hmm.. i might just found out what i wna do for my FYP.. but! i heard that my batch's FYP is gna be different from the previous ones. i just hope i can get through it all with whatever i've got and graduate with magnificent colours! my parents would love that :)

quoted from Zeus Jones' Vimeo:

In the spirit of the season, Zeus Jones and Puny are teaming up to give the students at Richard R Green Central Park School an opportunity they currently don't have – the chance to explore the world beyond their school and community. The school is in a very impoverished neighborhood. Money for things like extracurriculars and field trips just isn't possible. Please watch the video to find out more about the school and the impact field trips can have on learning. We hope you'll decide to join us in expanding the world of Green Central's students.
found the ad on Visualize. i can always count on Visualize Tumblr when it comes to clean vector infographic such as this.

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