amused by Museo

i'm currently in love with this type of work. this is a Riveo branding work by Studio Breakfast. for those who are curious about what the project is about, here's the translated version of the French description that Studio Breakfast provided about the project on their website:
The Center d' Interpretation of the River of Hotton wished to be a new name and a coherent identity. We proposed to them to become: " RIVEO". This educational center centered on the river, its medium and its biodiversity proposes expos sets of themes to you, activities of fishing and natural discovery, workshops, aquariums… Breakfast carried out l' together graphic work, drawing of the logo to the creation of the Web site, while passing of course by the many printed supports: booklets, panels, posters


Anonymous said...

ape nih

mein melon said...

the explanation of the works were written in foreign language so i don't really know what it is.. yang atas tu logo. yg bawah tu booklet for Riveo company tu.