beep boop boop beep

a white phone with triangular LEDs on it? sure! i'll have one! this Light Pool mobile phone is designed by Takashi Tsuboi Hiroshi and Takagi Masakatsu.

translated from Iida:
POOL LIGHT is made up of truss-like structure and surface, which cell phone is not wearing a distinctive form. Design, Takashi Tsuboi Hiroshi energetic product designer. Tsuboi, created by the new sensibility, this new configuration window looks like a building frame and give comfort to your mobile phone and visual rhythm ever beautiful, organic products with a variety of facial expressions叶Emashita the form of a. Emotional, vivid colors light spill out of the window of a triangle, is impressed with the sublime LIGHT POOL presence more clearly. The large truncated silhouette has been carefully designed to blend into the hands of everyone as well.
found at Notcot.

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