Science Machine

Science Machine - Director's Cut from Chad Pugh on Vimeo.

Chad Pugh is so totally awesome that i put the title of this post based on the name of the excellent artwork he produced. the video is a time lapse of 40 hours of him making that artwork. it's going to be long but, it's worth every second. for those who doesn't like making illustrations in Adobe Illustrator, maybe you'll loose interest after 3 minutes watching it.. there's a shorter version here. here's the finished artwork:

Science Machine

if you're wondering if he's the same person who makes those pretty illustrations on Vimeo, you're right! he used the same colours and feel on this print too. those little things like the human and cat inside the building and the bird in the sky took quite a long time to make eventhough it was scaled smaller after he had done making them. he used some .ai 3D effects too.

PS: after breakfasting, i'm gna go and buy Twilight tickets.. i swear i didn't want to watch it in the cinema on the first place. my sis made me do it!

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