half half

Positive Posters is currently having a poster competition! the theme is "A Glass Half Full". you see the design brief here if you want to join! these are some of the posters i like:

by Abdorreza Esnaashari

by Chris Little

quoted from Positive Posters:
Positive Posters was founded in 2009 by graphic designer Nick Hallam. We are an non-profit international poster competition run by a group of volunteers based in Melbourne, Australia.

The competition is held annually between July and October. We give designers two months to create and submit a positive design that responds to the theme of that year. An exhibition is held of the top 30 posters, and the winner chosen by a group of international judges. We then print 4000 copies of the winning poster and paste it all over the streets of Melbourne, Australia. And send a few off around the world too!

by Daniel Hauke

by Kate Gryguc

by Jihae Kim

by Wang Nana

more of these posters on Positive Posters Galery.

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