picit picit picitt!!!

quoted from Clients From Hell:
So you’re sitting in the office. It’s Friday and it’s ‘round about 4PM and you get a phone call: “We want to change everything to Papyrus. Didn’t you see Avatar? Everyone knows Papyrus. We’ve decided that we want Papyrus.” After several minutes of attempting to get the client to budge, you hang up. You must change everything to Papyrus or face not making the rent this month.

So what do you do? Some designers might start crying or yelling or bleeding. Others might take out their anger by setting up elaborate traps for their interns. But what do you do? You reach for a Clients From Hell stress ball.
if i was in that situation, i'd burn every books, paper or anything that's written using Papyrus. only that'll contribute more global warming so i can't do it so i'll just have to shut up and grab this stress ball instead! found it on SPILLS. go buy the stress ball at the new Clients From Hell Store.

Clients From Hell Store


kim said...

wow, very useful for designers like us.

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