Suka Hijau TVC

Suka Hijau from Motiofixo on Vimeo.

worked with Fariz Hanapiah and Encik Painface for this one :D bangga giler dapat keje ngan legend2 femes ni.. the concept, voice over and animation was done by Fariz himself. Shah did some part of the animation too, mesti korang bley cam la kan part mane yang dea buat ehem*3D view*ehem.. and you may recognize some of the illustrations that i did too from the Suka Hijau Print Collaterals that i've posted months ago which you can even download the wallpaper.

by far, this is the most cutest work i've chipped in while interning at Motiofixo :D saw the video was up on Encik Painface punye Tumblr and couldn't resist to put it here.


kim said...

i like it! The idea, the colour, the minimalist illustration. suka hijau! Ok, now i sound over excited ;p

mein melon said...

u can do dis too!

Anonymous said...

this is really nicee. brape lama buat ni? complicated tak nak buat motion graphics macam ni?

mein melon said...

you have to ask Fariz about that coz he's the one who did it. but it shouldn't take that long, as long as you have the ideas and storyboard laid out. i think he did it in a week or so..