love land invaders

credit to Acap for brightening up my day with these slightly NSFW photography by Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace. the blue-haired girl reminds me of Ramona only with smoother, more untangled hair. more of these Love Land Invaders series can be viewed here.

quoted from Ben Trovato:
Cologne-, Germany, based artist duo Ralph Lagoi and Kate Lace has provided BTB with their latest project latest project Love Land Invaders which was shot in Japan’s stunningly decorated love hotel rooms. ” -This fashion-art photo-series includes masks, jewelry, clothing and ribbons which we designed especially for the “Love Land Invaders”. Everything came together to become “luxurious pop”: vibrant colors, iconic characters and visual lust.”


{ aggie } said...

Ooo I love the blue hair! So pretty :D

mein melon said...

i want a red hair..................