neon glow FTW!

found this on Geekologie yesterday, but decided to give it a rest and post it today instead.

if you hadn't already know, Daft Punk did the entire soundtrack for Tron Legacy and this video celebrates their electrifying collaboration. if in the movie you'd only be able to see that bulgy Lightcycle, in this video you'd be able to fantasize yourself maneuvering dragon and horse-like LIghtcycles o.O it fits isn't it, Daft Punk-Tron, Tron-Daft Punk. i heard someone called it Daft Tron haha.. and i only came to know that Disney produced the movie.. double o.O

have you seen the 80s Tron trailer yet?

it certainly doesn't look much of today's movie trailer. but, it's the first movie that uses CGI. pretty impressive for a 1982 movie, right?

trailer baru don't need to put here kot.. dah banyak kali tengok kan? most people commented on the new trailer says the audio's awesome, but the movie sucks.. we'll see..

Guy and Thomas is soo hensemm wee~


myonestopofinspiration said...

dear melonicmaniac, here is a top 5 of list why i LOVE & ADORE your blog:
2.blog yang environmental friendly
3.has its own designer signature( cartoon2 comel specially)
4.sedap mata memandang

wish u all the best for you & your future! =)

mein melon said...

aaa~ sape niii... so sweet.. thanks! that really wna mke blog more..