i am sooooooo excited to announce that Beadxels has finally made it public!! not that it haven't but, after this CyberP project, it's gna be known throughout the whole MMU, i hope.. excuse me for being over-excited but, i'm living my dream here. i've always wanted people to know and buy my Beadxels. thanks to my ever encouraging friends who agreed to sell Beadxels for our CyberP, my dream nearly succeeded. nearly.

i want to thank Fariq from Hulala Artsy, coz without you, i wouldn't have known what the hell those Pyssla Beads are for.. i bought it when i was 8/10 years old.. the moment you gave me that Space Invader pixel beads, i knew that i can make something out of this thing and here i am with my team mates from Pixelotts spreading the word about Beadxels. God indeed has in-stored great journey for us. though i'm currently idle in Hulala, i've never stopped supporting them.

it's quite hectic now coz me and my team need to set up a booth in HB3 for selling Beadxels. we've even got some people winning our Beadxels Rings (yesss! new range of Beadxels!) from our previous Beadxels Trivia 1 challenge on Facebook. YOU ARE ALL INVITED to our booth! :D

finally, i hope that all of you will support us on this project by either buying the Beadxels or even if you don't want to, just spread the words.. maybe your friends would like them or you can buy them as presents. 2011 is coming up. let's make the end of this year a square one!

to Ecah, Alia, Syira, Ijat, Syazlan, Najib, Faiz, Munna and Hussna, i thank you all for lending your best efforts on doing this project with me :D

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