Theadless trend

i bet you can feel like you're in Futurama when you sit on those couch!


went to Jack Nickell's (the founder of Threadless) website, and found pictures of the new Threadless' HQ in Chicago. 10 years and this used to be small t-shirt company grew so popular and successful and get to have their very own big factory.

they even have a 224 pages of Threadless Book specially showcasing all of their designs for the past 10 years. who knew a t-shirt company could get this big.

in this mini documentary about Threadless, Jack Nickell said people likes Threadless not because of the brand, it's because they love to be in its community. here, you'll see how the t-shirts were made, how they started, events and more about Threadless.

i think i'd still wear my soon-to-get Threadless t-shirt in 20 years from now; unlike my Alien Workshop and BUM Equipment t-shirts that were soo outdated..


Brader Bear said...

cool nyer~ nak keje kat situ....

mein melon said...

design la baju dea kamil..

Brader Bear said...

insyaallah.. I dah doodle byk gak yg ade potential.. hahaha.. atleast I think they have potential.. but I will.. jom same2 design for threadless!