be squared

made these slides for our CyberP presentation last week. it was last minute so there are more pictures than words. so mase present to tergagap2 la aku membebel.. couldn't have done this wonderful project with my friends.. i never thought that we'd end up with what we've gotten. hopefully Beadxels will go far beyond the borders of Malaysia :)

Kamil made this video showing some of us selling Beadxels on some of the days during our CyberP. it must've took lots of his time doing it. thanks Kamil!

PS: we're currently focusing on our FYP, so for those who ordered custom-made Beadxels, you may get them later than usual.


kim said...

so proud of you mein, you go girl!

mein melon said...

heeee thanks! :D

Aisyah Adam said...

sempat lg update! hep! heheh...loving this post and my groupmatesss *yg empat kite2 je laa! :p*

mein melon said...

hehe.. mein kot :p~ haha! ey ade some yang bace blog ni kott shush!