the baddest of them all

Blinky's Demise

haha nice! sweater designed by David Schwen.


Anonymous said...

errr, hi. i nak google blog you tadi tapi terjumpa ni pulak:


eheheheehehe macam coincidence gila kuut :O

mein melon said...

uuu~ niceee.. and they're doing branding too! thanks for the link :) and thanks for googling my blog haha..

Anonymous said...

hehe itulah. ntah ntah... it's you from the future, dah ada company kat UK tak? :P

btw i like your blog a lot. banyak inspirasi :D

mein melon said...

ngahaha! i wish! thank you so much.. keep on reading :) though i rarely update it now.. busy wif life..