finaly! some action! but a small one though coz it's only from 6pm to 11pm. i really hope all of you will be there to buy or to support tak kisahlah janji datang :)

For those who wants to pick up your completed ordered Beadxels can come to collect them there. The whole collection of Beadxels will be sold! You're going to have a hard time to choose, for sure ;) If you don't know where DECTAR is, just get to UKM and ask where the hall is at the guard. See ya!

these are some of the new Beadxels that we've done. more on Beadxels Blog and Facebook.

Bloody Beetroots Silverchain
Bloody Beetroots Silverchain (L) - RM7

Charmander Silverchain (L) - RM7
*Ordered by Shamin

Blewy Air Ballooney Dangling Silverchain (M) - RM6
Mysty Rain Cloud Dangling Silverchain (M) - RM6

Brown,Pink & Orange Domokun Black Chains*NEW* (L)

Domokun Heads Keychains (M) - RM4.50
*Can be customized to any colours you want! In this picture we have Blue, Light Purple, Neon Orange, Yellow and Green Domokun Heads

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