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dah lama nak pos tapiii.. ah papela.. ni dah post so shatapp. i wish i can upload this website somewhere so that korang bley tekan2 maen2 tapiii.. ala ni dah post cukupla kann.. if you want to know more about my FYP, go to Beads for Heartbeats Blog :)

About the Campaign

on this website, viewers are able to do these things:
  • Register to sell Pyssla Beads creations at Art Market (to gain funds for Children's Congenital Heart Disease treatment)
  • After register, buy Pysslig Package (a box full of things needed to make Pyssla Beads creations) online
  • Use the Digital Peg Board Editor (App) to plan how your beads creations will look like
  • Countdown on Beads for Heartbeats Art Market
  • View Beads for Heartbeats TVC
  • Find out more about the campaign, Congenital Heart Disease, Pyssla Beads and more

Bead It

the thing i like the most about this website is the FOOTER! i love red and i love it when it makes each page become more vibrant. another thing i like is the Digital Peg Board Editor App (shown above) to make it easier for people to arrange their beads digitally so that they don't have to susah2 buat balik the whole shape if they make mistakes on the peg board.

it ain't easy to do that's for sure. especially the registration form page (not shown here)! it's a prick! but, i got a lot of help from Lah to do it.. connection to other people (even to people you rarely see or know) is vital when you're doing important project like this. thank you, Lah! i blom blanje u makan lagi kann? hehe.. tunggu ek..

we had to do two things for our minor projects. i did a website and TVC animatic. i've uploaded the animatics on Vimeo but something went wrong.. so i couldn't show it to you yet.

see all of the pages of Beads for Heartbeats website that i made for my minor FYP:

About Congenital Heart Disease, IKEA and IJN Foundation

Pysslig Package

Art Market

How To Join / Guide Page


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