FYP: Beads for Heartbeats Fundraising Booth Concept

i've mentioned that i had a presentation last week. so these are the things that i've presented. you can view more of my booth concept on Beads for Heartbeats Blog. not much text in there, just images of the process of my FYP. i've uploaded the storyboards of my TVC that i did last sem there too.

Strategy Board

Concept Board

Booth Flowchart 1

Booth Walkway Plan

Side Plan

Artist Impressions

my lecturer said that the booth is not perfectly matched so i have to redesign some of the stuff here to make it look like it has one theme. well, he's got a point. i probably have to make that Heart with Hole Sculpture on the stage look more nouveau since the others kind of have that style too.

he also told me to add more Copy in there. i know i should have, but my vocab sucks so i couldn't think any good ones when i was doing the thing in vector. plus, i don't know where to put them. i'll figure something out.

that IKEA and IJN Foundation logo is actually made of big Pyssla Beads. that's why they look pointilised. i should make them as pylons instead of pasting them on walls coz as what i was told you'll never know where your booth will end up to be build. to be safe, the things that i design should be able to be put anywhere. what if there's no wall around the booth? so i have to make it stand on its own.

I think I accidentally said that the reason why acoustic band is going to perform at night during the event is because the target audience is a melodramatic person. Eek. This is not the kind of answer I wanted to tell. I got panicked so I answered wrongly. It's actually because if there's rock band playing, it wouldn't suit the whole campaign mood and theme. It wouldn't suit the target audience too which are sensitive, passionate cheerful hand-crafters. Besides, the campaign is about helping kids. Sure kids are hyperactive but, this is about helping sick kids. So, I think it'll be best and more sincere and sensual to use acoustic performances to grab people's heart to lend a hand. That was what I really wanted to answer.

other than that, i believe it's going to be beautiful :) i tried playing around with Cinema 4D this week. i kinda have a rough start but, i think i can do it. gila baru try pakai dah kena buat benda utk FYP.. well, i can't put 3DsMax in my mac coz i dunno where to get it. so, had no other choice.

ok, people. fire up! say what you wna say bout my work.


Nia said...

niceeeeeeeee :D

ntalala said...

oh my god, you're crazy. you're just a student and you can come out with this? this is SUPER NICE. good job!

mein melon said...

@nia nak tgk your fyp works gak nnt :) thanks!

@ntala aww.. so sweet of you to give that compliment.. SUPER MILLION THANKS to you! :D now i'm fired up! haha..