IEDC Wall Design

didn't had internet for 3 weeks since we moved to Motio's new office in Publika. thank God we can finally surf now.

did a set of "under construction" wall designs for the new IEDC (Innovative Engineering Design College) last year. it's situated inside SSTwo Mall in Petaling Jaya.

Katoq had this idea to fill the white walls surrounding the newly built in-mall-university with inspirational quotes from famous & innovative figures like Isaac Newton, Amelia Earhart and Wright Brothers. currently, the university focuses on airplane engineering. that's why the design must conjure the passion for aviation education. i-love-red. and when i saw the stickers are finally up on the walls, i was like "reeeeedddddd~" :D this is my first job involving interior decoration. not sure if the stickers are still there though.. coz it's been a few months.

click to see the whole design of the walls.


iAMmar said...

awesome possum outcome!! proud of you tembikai~

mein melon said...

hihi thanks, munky :)