HUGE typo!

i love these big fonts! maybe coz they are eye-catching.. but wat i like d most about them is that all d bold letters are sitting very near to eachother, the gap is either none or very little. another point that i like about big typos is that i like the ones with all letters' height and width are the same.. when i look at the shape of the bold letters, colours, layout or how they arrange those letters n words, i feel very modern, inspired n dumb.. i feel dumb coz all these people who design all these typos or even other designs are very talented than i am.. i feel like i got to go through a ver very very loooooong way to achieve what they have achieved. i am very much hopping to be a very talented n brilliant designer someday.. someone who always have the idea of what to illustrate, compose, arrange, create and do.. just take a look at these impressive designs.. if any of you know what's d name of these fonts n where to get them, please please please tell me! i want them so bad!

These are some of packagings with grand big fonts!! i absalutely adore em!!

images credited to Smashing Magazine. huge typo rocks!!


Ashraf Azlan said...

helvetica ngan variation2 dia aku ada , haha :D

mein melon said...

sye naaaakkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!