creative block, go away!

gaaa!! i haven't finished my designs yet!! blame d television n myspace fo dis.. hehe.. see.. i can't sit at home.. if i'm at home, i'll keep on watching movies n be lazy all day long.. in fact, i've been watching MTv, HBO, Star Movies n Star World these past 2 weeks of holidays. BUT! i'm looking for inspirations as well.. i seemed to be having a creative block.. haih... i often have creative block everytime i have to submit important designs! how silly is dat?? wy can't i have creative block wen i don need to design anything?? everytime i have a creative block, i'll loose all my energy, excitement n willpower to design.. ish! i'm sick of dis.. o yeah.. 'i didn't really have time' to update dis blog coz'i'm too busy watching tv'.. haha! but, i assure you, i'l update n revamp dis blog once i finished designing d orientation booklet fo d MMU students of June '08 Intake.. Actually, DJ Club asked 3 of us Creative Directors (me, Chee Khoon n Gee How) to design d orientation booklet.. maybe our club got picked to design it dis time or sumtin.. ok.. now i'm gonna look around fo sum good fonts to use fo d orientation booklet.. meanwhile, you can go to my Myspace n look through sum of my designs.. njoy!

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