lovely gifts n stuff on Beshoppamania!!

ello everyone!! my sister's currently selling aloooott of stuff here: BeShopaMania n here: Kedai Makan. the stuff that she's selling is soo pretty n cute!! i even bought sum of em from her.. so if you are puzzled what to get for ur fren's, mom's, dad's, bf's, bff's birthday, feel free to roam around the online shop! u might find something you like... ;) if u find sumtin u like, give ur order to those sites or u can order with me! here are some of the stuff that she's selling here:




that's just her stuff.. i'm selling MY STUFF too! hehe.. i'll put the images of the stuff that i'm selling on this blog later.. meanwhile, u can view some of my clothes that i sell at Lowyat Forum. it's my sister's online shop. u can make orders with her on that site! i'm selling all these clothes coz i dunno how to wear some of them, they're not suitable fo me n i don wan em anymore.. i don even wear some of em coz some of em r not mine.. here's some of my clothes that i'm selling:


Rubinden Kumar said...

erh... gambar dekat cupboard tu... dekat hostel, kan? O.o

mein melon said...

haha! yea ur rite..