smart business cards

say "hello" thru bussiness card!

i was googling on creative n unique designs fo business cards. that's coz DJ Club ask us 2 design business cards fo d Hi-Coms! yayy! i'l get 1! :p anyways.. here's sum of d designs that i'm interested in.. only, we can't really design very artsy fartsy stuff coz there's alot of cards to be printed.. if we design a card that needs alot of cutting, gluing, buying stuff, pricey n complicated, well, WE r d ones who's gna suffer fo cutting/gluing/buying stuff fo d cards.. so, i'd any of u 2 coment on d designs.. which ones u like/what design u actually like/how would u like ur business cards to look like.. we're only allowed to use orange, black, white n shades of those colours.. huh..... i'd really love to use CMYK colours.. bt i'm not d boss..

images credited to: creative business cards, google


teddy said...

First one that card look like a brand tag out a new woman handbag!

Second one looks like a credit card!

Third one creative but because of the comb the material have to be a little study or else it will easy to ripped apart!

The rest kinda look find but what are your theme of hello card? And what is CMYK?

mein melon said...

wah.. gud comment.. thanx fo dat.. wat i ave in mind is to combine both retro n urban elements but at d same time putting d DJ elements in it..

u'l know wat CMYK is wen u print sumtin.. it's d colour mode fo printing. C=cyan, M=magenta, Y=yellow, K=black.. don ask wy K is black colour.. it's just does..

Debby said...

Dear Melon,..

I just LOVE your name card´s design, I wish that you can designing it for me ...I found it very unique !!, I just got dificulties to find a correct one for my profesion ( Escaparatista & Visual Merchandising Desingner) please e-mail me to carlos_debby@yahoo.es if you are interested in helping me !!! Tolong yach !

Waseem said...

like all the card design..thanks for sharing..i want to do something like that for Metal business cards.