hulala's new look!

Hulala Artsy's Myspace used to look very simple n dull. so, i added sum new stuff to make it look more vibrant and suits our true identity. here, you can view all of our t-shirt designs, facts on Hulala Artsy, images of the bands that wear our tees, coments n critics bout our tees, postage delivery details, distributors etc..

then, i tgk Hulala's Myspace xde animated stuff sgt, so i did animated GIF for Hulala Myspace link and clothes design!

hulala animated tees

click on the image below to add us on Myspace! :)

hulala artsy logo animated

p/s: whoever bought Hulala Artsy t-shirts, WE WANT YOUR PICTURES WEARING EM! :D you can upload your photos on your Myspace on put a tag on that photo and link it to us! u'll be famous!

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