new ones!

these r some o d Beadxels i made when i didn't wna do my werx.. look fo urs!

Beadxel: Agumon
Goes to: Wan

Beadxel: Mario Mushroom
Goes to: Ain

Beadxel: Bear
Goes to: Kamil

Beadxel: Eppy B'day Cake
Goes to: Haziq

Beadxel: 2 Cats
Goes to: Sarah

Beadxel: Pacman Ghosts
Price: RM4 fo 1

Bright Idea!
fo those of u who have gotten ur Beadxels but, haven't got d chain necklace yet, i'm gna get u d chain necklace as soon as possible..

in d mean time, why don't u try this: join together some paper clips, put d ends of the paper clip chain into one of d holes in ur Beadxels n wear em round ur neck as a necklace! visuals coming ur way.. i'l put d example later on.. i'm kinda doozy now.. don't foget to try it! ;)


fAizAL(^^,)izWaN said...

wahh~comelnye beadxel tu!!
hehe..nak satu!!boleh??!! :D buatkan lah satu utk saye!!ehee :D

mein melon said...

nak yg mne satu?

syahmi jofree said...


kalau nak tempah buat nama boleh tak? 2 huruf how much? :)

mein melon said...

hai, Syahmi :) boleh.. just add Beadxels Pixelotts on Facebook and message us u nak Beadxels camne..