space-alien-like logos~

these are some random n VERY last minute logo sketches that i made for Cosmo's World.. d sketches are for my MI Design Process class.. we had to re-do a logo of a NGO / entertainment centre / education department... sumtin like dat..

i'm not really proud of these bad sketches.. but, hey.. i've done my task.. i really wna improve.. i'll do some more sketches fo d Cosmo's World logo..

this is d Cosmo's World logo dat i've chosen to re-do..

n dis lil guy here is Cosmo, who looks as if he doesn't wna be born into d world.. coz he doesn't smile..

Reasons to Re-Do
  • Not much application of the 'Space' theme

  • The Mascot, Cosmo is not appealing to the teenagers & adults

  • The logo looks as if Cosmo's World is a TV Cartoon show instead of a theme park

New Elements to be Added
  • New likable characters that's favoured by kids n adults

  • More 'Space' elements

  • Simplified version of the rides in Cosmo's World

  • Use 'Space' colour pallettes

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