ateem penggerak Cubism

i was blogging.. den ateem came into my room n said, "amie.. kertas ni amie x gne kn?" i said.. "x.. gnela.." i left my markers n othr pprs outside my room coz i ws doin sumtin wen i was watching tv last nite..

den my mind flickered, eh.. why did he want dat ppr?? so i walked outside n saw this!

he was colouring on top of my cutting matt

cantik gak dea colour..

he used my Kuricolour markers!

i said "waaa.....! ateem wat pe ni?? lawanyeee...!" he smiled n said "ateem wat cmni ha.. sje2..nk tnjuk kt mama.."

i asked, "npe nme dea 'Science'?" he replied, "science kn cmni2 kn.. jd, nme dea science.." those r his exact words.. i think what he meant was it's like a Prism.. "nnt ble ateem dh abes buat ateem tnjuk kt amie, ek?" he promised..

amie, finished!

n he really did a good job wif my Kuricolour markers! considering he's only 8 years old.. 9 this year.. i can't believe he did a Cubism Art.. i don think he even knows what Cubism means..


syahir suhaimi said...

serious ade designer's mind jgak la adik ko nie.... pandai gak die buat camtu... when i was at his age, i dun think that i can do such thing....

mein melon said...

hehe.. nme pn adek aku ;) best kan?! kan?! smlm dea ade buat lg 1 design.. nnt aku update..