Hulala Artoons Sticky sets!

Hulala Artoons Set 1

yeehaa~! finally, i've turned my drawings into stickies! oh, stickies are stickers.. Hulala's producing new stickers called Hulala Stickies! n d very first set of Hulala Stickies are Hulala Artoons!

Hulala Artoons Set 2

Hulala Artoons are a bunch of characters dat i drew.. maybe with a hint of provocations.. but, i made em coz i wan people to relate to their inner-self.. find themselves.. which one are they: Puki-Puki? Tenot? Boon? Dodol? if you noticed, d only have one emotion: happy! dat means, whoever u r, whatever u do, however people judge u, just be happy wif who u are..

i've added some new characters in Hulala Artoons.. they are:
  • Boon tatau wat bnde laen other than skating.. ble dea skate, org salute dea.. ble sroh dea wat kje, jgn harapla..
  • Noni ni hantu budak yg ske terbang sane-sini sambil mengharumkan tmpat yg dilaluinye ngn bunga apetah kt kepale dea..
  • Tongtron ialah tong sampah electronic yang slalu t'cabut kepalenye.. tp, dea slalu try psang balik kepale dea..

for the rest of the characters, find out bout them here. these names doesn't just stop there.. i'll do more of these Artoons just to make the collection bigger..

i'm not gna be surprised if Hulala Artoons actually become Hulala Cartoons! haha.. coz kamil said maybe he'll make a cartoon out of these characters.. hey, it's a brilliant thought ;)

Hulala Artsy Original Print Tag

n maybe Hulala Artsy will have new original printed tag at the bottom right back-side of our clothes.. i'm not sure if Fariq will approve it yet.. but, i've designed a new print tag to replace d old 'ibuythisat Hulala Artsy' dat are printed at the back of our current t-shirts now.. this print tag will help to avoid any copies of our clothes.. so dat people can distinguish d Original Hulala Artsy T-Shirts n d copycats..

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