kedodolan terserlah

Kedodolan 1

pg td dh la tdo 2 jam je.. tu pn t'tdo.. klo x, x tdo lgsung.. so arini i was soo tired, sleepy n blur! i'm freaking blur today~! me n zamil didn't really know where to go after finally submitting his journal.. we were walking aimlessly n suddenly we were at hb3. ok... how did we get there....~?

Kedodolan 2

so, didn't know what to do, i went to ecah, alia n shrr's room to see how ecah's doin wif her MI.. dh borak2 jp, maen2 ngn hamster deorg, i pn t'tdo ats lntai.. mse t'tdo tu, i cm nmpak hamster sbelah i maen2 tnjuk buntot plak.. i t'glak2 smbil tdur.. so, i didn't really know whether i'm actually sleeping onot... bngun2 dh pkol 5! gler lme t'tdo..

Kedodolan 3 (d dodolest of em all~)

den, naek bas g alamnda.. on d way ther, i felt hungry.. so, i asked my mama to cash in sum money into my account coz i absalutely ave no money in my purse.. smpai je alamanda, i kempunan sgt, i trus g secret recipe.. trus order Prawn Macaroni wif Cheese wif 7Up.. dh stengah pinggan abes i mkan d meal bru i t'ingt i blom kuarkn duet lg.. so cmne nk byar?? adoyai..... dodol ke x?? dh la mte ngh sparuh ttop..

den i got an idea, i called my 1 n only fren hu's at putra dat time, Athirah to come n save me... bley dea glak wen i tell her my ridiculous story...! so she came in bout 30 mins l8r n paid my meal.. of course i paid her back.. nsib baek x bli bju best kt nichii tu td klo x ak xde duet nk byar ko blek athirah oy... thanx neway~

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