you dart me!

got a new design for Hulala Artsy, the indie clothing label i'm working with.. it's called 'You Dart Me!'! i'm not sure wether it should've been You Dart-ed Me.. Aggy, if u're reading this, can u tell me which one's right? coz if i'm wrong, i'll have to change the typo.. nobody likes a t-shirt with mispelled words and grammartical errors right? it'll look cheap..

the idea behind this design is dat it tells people somebody has got ur heart.. aaawww....

my inspiration? hmm.. dunno.. i juz wanted to replace d wort "got" in d sentence "you've got me" into sumtin else.. so, i used d idea of a dart hit a bulsey as a metaphor to "you've got me"..

as u can see up ther, the bulsey is shaped like a heart.. wif striking colours and patterns to show d exciting feeling to know somebody likes u..

neway, no copy2 aa.. do ur own designs! so dat u won't look too desperate to get money out of sumtin which didn't come from u at d 1st place.. dat's so LOW, dude..

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