Youth 09: Yes YOUTH Can!

as i mentioned last wednesday, i went to YOUTH 09 for two days to sell Hulala Artsy's merchandise n my very own used clothes. it was really fun n crowded! there was dis time wen we had alot of customers and 3 of em wanted to buy our stuff at once! if only we have more hands... uuh.. i take dat back..

here we go! Bridge to YOUTH 09!

even the info counter was colourful

our booth was right in front of the stage.. so we had to shout at the customers wen we speak to em..

Hulala Artsy stuff

ramai gler customer! tak t'layan!

my used clothes.. surprisingly lots of ppl looked n bought em!

n... rmai gak la yg try2 my clown hair.. glad it make em eppy :)

dat girl bought my hand-made bag fo RM15! soo cool! thanx!

the hall environment

YUNA asked fo our permission 2 put her CDs on our booth for sale!! waaa.... mse tu gembire glerrr Fariq... n form dat on, more ppl came 2 our booth! million thanx to YUNA!

other creative booths

Lomo Kids wif Lomography

byk gak la booth laen yg jual beads ni.. but, d name dat they gave to d beads sume laen2.. n ours are d best ones! hehe..

OMG!! i juz saw kt blakang mamat tu bju Hulala yg kne tiru!! ooo.. rpe2nye deorg ni la yg tiru ek... dodol..

to all of u hu missed this event, no fret! YOUTH 09 is an annual event.. next year fo sure msti ade lg pnye..


ajinda said...

wow bez giler.

syahir suhaimi said...

brapa kamu pny collection? waa lu jual bju sendiri ka... haha... tp mein knape xde picto ko pn... oit cd yuna xde lbih ke? hehe...

mein melon said...

yeaaa... beeessstt!! tu la x pg.. kn melepas.. :p~

yea.. nk cri duet pnye psal jual bju sndri.. hehe.. lgpn ak x pkai dh bju2 tu..

CD Yuna ak smpat bli 1 je.. hehe.. yg laen abes!! xde pic aku coz aku yg amek pic.. org laen xnk amek pic ak.. biasela tu..