LIVE on 8tv NiteLive!!

hoooyeaahh~! i saw it with my parents! it's like a dream come true... :)

i just got home after watching GI Joe at Alamanda with Ateem tadi.. den i looked there's a msg on my phone saying:

"salam mein, neh Azri. MI Delta. skarang intern kat 8tv. n Azri choose blog mein as blog of the week utk show mlm neh. 8tv nitelive..."

i was like.. "for reeeeaaaalll keee??" den i jumped around n screaming.. million THANX to Azri for this awesome news.. ;)

that was my 2nd appearance on tv.. tapi x nampak muke la.. just my blog.. i've been wanting to globalize my blog.. that's why i've been using full English on some of my post.. but ade rojak gak la kan.. i want people to get inspired on my blog.. and i hope so far, i did just that.. my mama clapped when she saw the feature.. my dad laughed.. haha.. Syrr was the first one that texted me.. this just made my holiday happier.. tu la.. complaint2 lagi boring je holiday ni.. skali.. hah.. and it's August! August's my favourite month everr!!

btw, if you live in Malaysia, you can nominate Blog Of The Week at 8tv NiteLive! who knows, after this, it might be YOU! :)

catch up TV at 8tv web!


pikospace said...

hahah..ur welcome...lol....bak kata host...great and colorful blog...haha..keep up the good work :)

mein melon said...

fuh! u ade blog la.. haha! thanx.. add2!

Shah.Legno of Solid State Studio® said...

ur blog is alwayz with bright & colorful color concept..
which is my feveret concept too..
keep up the good work Mein as a designer!

pikospace said...

lol azri laaa...mne plak dtg aziz nyer...ish ish ish...

mein melon said...


Shah.LOSSS - thaaanxx.. :) ur photos are awesome too, buddy..

Azri - aish! sorryyy..... dah tuka da.. hehe..

-zaza:o:binxz- said...

next: u working in a tv production, PAHAM.

mein melon said...

uuh.. tanaakk.. >.< nk kje design2 xmoh kje kt tv..

harith. said...

there's nothing left to say.
i know you.and i know ur talents.
im not surprised.
it is you who shines beneath the moonlight.

good job mein.

mein melon said...

thanx fariq.. :) n i know i x active sangat ngan Hulala skang ni.. but, nanti cuti i try buat baju2 baru k..

THE SHEZ said...

That is soo coool!

mein melon said...

hehe.. thanx sheila ;)