pullman's pulling me in

Pullman Hotels & Resorts yang canteeeekkk!

i once twitted "if i am a tourist from another country, i'd be spending my holidays in Pullman.." or sumtin like that.. i trully do! Pullman Hotels & Resort's situated in one of the most beautiful place in Malaysia: Putrajaya (my hometown!) and the design, the feel when you're walking through the pathways, the picture perfect view surrounding the hotel is just heavenly~

for Environmental Media assignment 1, we had to choose a building either in Cyberjaya or Putrajaya to make a Pylon for. I chose Pullman. here are the shots i've taken a week ago while jogging with Syahir:

Pullman ni ade 4 main wings. this one is the Jasmine Wing. each wings have different and unique architecture design which suit their names! cam Jasmine Wing ni Victorian sket, or so i thought la. to me, it look smore feminine than other wings.

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Rafflesia Wing is the nearest block to Putrajaya's Water Sports Centre. yang nampak cam Sabahan sket design dea. oh! i suddenly t'nampak an aeroplane's blasting off towards the sky on the last picture.

Bunga Tanjung Wing ni ade citarasa Bali sket. but, Pullman claimed that they "depict architecture and ambience that are distinctively ethnic, Malay, Chinese, Indian and of the Borneo continent" - quoted from PullmanPutrajaya.com.

i looove the Lotus Wing. it's oriental and we felt like walking into a Chinese Emperor's Palace! feels like u're a princess / prince in in a Chinese old movie too..

disebabkn tempat ni lawa, kitorg camwhore la skejap :p~

pic ni Syahir amek. x center! (>.<) xpela Syahir.. thanx amek pic aku hehe..

on the sign says this place is called the Amphitheatre. or so we thought. dunnola.. looks like it.

there's a tall clock tower inside the hotel. reminds me of Belanda pnye style. ape name tinggalan bersejarah kat atas bukit kat Melaka tu? lupa dah.. the thing that's on my mind now is Alfonso de Albuquerque. dulu panggil dea "pakcik kaki" je haha!

ok yang ni plak teringat Beverly Hills XD

i dunno what and how to pronounce the name of this restaurant. but, i think it's B's Restaurant...? watever.. the logo's nice.

this part of Pullman has got to be the most beautiful one! the scenery's just breath-taking. you can see one of Putrajaya's famous bridge from The Village of Pullman.

tempat lawa2 je mesti camwhore! these are just few of the pictures we took of ourselves.. the last picture tu nampak cam the famous Titanic moment kan?! haha! only the skies' blue~

we had to take photos of the signs for the building that we're gna build Pylon for. these are some of em. the last photo looks like we're in some street in western country. i loike!

wooott! Pullman ade Wii Room!

it's near to PICC

dah letih, duduk kejap on the man-made beach. Syahir cam duduk kat tengah2 bunga! XD

eek! aku x suka ko amek gamba aku senget2la Syahir!

nak pegi Pullman lagi...

finished jogging and taking photos, we relaxed at the swimming pool in Putrajaya's Water Sports Centre. wat a day! thanx Syahir teman aku.. :D


YobSumo said...

haha Mein... akhirnya!

sama sama daun keladi.

eh itu ke gamba lompat terbaik kita? hahaha bukan ada yg lg great ka?

mein nak letak sikit kat blog aku buleh?

YobSumo said...

eh btw "full post" itu tak buleh click. kena click ur title nak view semua.

mein, cantik gamba yang aku tangkap kan XD ROFL!

tak center ngan senget itu adalah seni! hahahahaha.

mein melon said...

eh x bley click? i'll solve it right away.

dat's not art! dat's senget! hehe.. thanx syahir.. letakla.. aku dh watermark kn sume dah..

mein melon said...

ko click Full Post yang mne Syahir?? click yang kale pink kt bawah tu la..