but then again, nobody cares...

Sarah Jay Brown from My Love For You

working with my parents for a while.. got JPJ re-test tomorrow at 8.30am.. i DON'T want to fail again.. too much failures going on.. better stop them from breeding..

tadi first time makan durian in... few months..

all in all, won't get to blog for a few days.. those who wait, i appreciate it so much. for every comment, every note, every images you view, every words that you read, everybody who suddenly landed on my page, i thank you :) i could've done so much more than just blog about whatever i've found on the net, but i did it anyways because this is what i like and it's fun to see people who appreciate those stuff as much as i do. it's like, i'm not the only one who does..

hopefully what i've shared with all of you in throughout these 19 months have inspired you in however ways possible.


.aisyah.adam. said...

good luck for tomorrow,my little friend :)

Ammar said...

dia dh pass dh... =)

mein melon said...

yeaaaa!! dah passsss!! thanx Ecah, Ammar!!