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Lyanne Batik 3D Packagings

remember Lyanne Batik? the assignment's long gone now, but like i said, i'm gna use my free time on this holiday to polish my skills. so, my first attempt is to re-design my sucky 3D packagings! i'm not gna show you how it originally looks like when i submitted it, i'm just gna show you the new one that i did :)

Front View

took me about 6 hours to do this.. adoy... x bley lama lagi ke?? n i dunno where in the viewport are the shadows?? i already toggle the shadow setting, tapi xde pun...? nvmn la.. it's done! though, there's some error here n there..

Right View

Left View

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Aerial View

Box Opened

The box is for the customers to handle it on their own. it cannot be put into the paper bag because it stores exclusive and expensive items only. if letak dlm paper bag macam downgrade dea pnye quality plak :p~ pandai2 je aku..

the cover of the box is cut-out and below it is layered with plastic to protect the content of the box yet still making it see through. i'm telling you, dulu the cut-out tu i did kale puteh je mse submit.. giler hodoh! tapi ni menjadi gak cut-out tu heeeee~

Paper Bag Detail

it is supposed to look like you're holding a piece of Indigo cloth when you carry the bag. ok, now kne tdo coz tmrw nak bangun awal pegi zoooooo~! zoookazoookk!


Anonymous said...

Macam item dalam Sims. :D

Anonymous said...

cute siot packaging u mein.mcm u jgk.

mein melon said...


Adib - hahahaha! actually daripada dulu i wna learn making my own stuff for The Sims tapi tatau cmne..

Anonymous - hehe.. thanx, whoever you are..