black monday

black monday
black monday
Monday, 18th January 2010

first update on my everyday wear :) excuse me if i wasn't posing right.. i'm no model pun.. hehe.. it was the first day of class for this sem. had to be bold. i've solely made a new label for this post: melon wears.

melon wears:
  • Long Puffy Sleeves White Top (Eastwear)
  • Black Leather Skinny Pants (Romp)
  • Black Studded Weave Bag (my mom's)


ammar said...

uish pose yg mengancam....
nk u bley.....

mein melon said...

haha! balik la cni cepattt!

Anonymous said...

U look exactly like your mother~

mein melon said...

wow! for an anonymous, u sure do know something bout my mother.. thanx!