Check out the Cut&Paste Digital Design Tournament from Cut&Paste on Vimeo.

i've never seen such an event! and guess what? it's coming to Malaysia on the next KLDW!! credits to Fariz for telling me bout this event.

imagine you're standing in front of hundreds of people endlessly watching your every moves, commenting and processing in their heads of what you actually plan to design and tell on the big screens! it's true bout what they guy said on the video bout the event being similar to a break dancing competition only you're expressing your thoughts on the screens and showing your design skills. are you up for it? competing with other designer in a given time.. oh, my.. i even take at least 2 days to complete something. this is insane! but, i wna goo! i wna see it for myself. feel the atmosphere.

you gta read more bout it on Cut&Paste.


ajinda said...

this year KLDW ke ? wahh kene tengok nihhhh.

mein melon said...

yea! jommm! g same2 ek :D

ajinda said...

orait. nanti kita pegi ramai2. :D :D

mein melon said...

wee~! yayy! ramai2 naek train..