unravel your imagination!

Unravel Your Imagination from mein melon on Vimeo.

  • Subject: Video Post Production
  • Task: MMU Promo - Promote a specific faculty or club etc. to the public. Focus more on editing a video.
  • Product: Virtual Reality Majoring
  • Tagline: Unravel Your Imagination
  • Software Used: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premier
  • Song: Wan made it but don't have the name yet and 'Dugaannya' by Hujan for the credits.
did this video for Video Post Production class during Gamma 1. remember the burger, guys...? haha.. odd times.. oh, i passed my Video Post Production re-test :D hehe.. Alhamdulillah.. my result was good. i couldn't ask for more.

neway, thanx to Haziq, Saqoosha, Dafi, Mawi, Ecah and Kamil for lending us your works to be used in the video. i'm sorry if there's some design errors in the video.. it was pretty much a last minute editing. thanx to Shah for giving us tha chance to work with you and exposing your true model talent here :D gta thanx all of the people in Rowjax! Production for putting their hard work on making this video. ingat nak buat certificate saje2 utk korg.. tapi dh lame plan x buat hehe..

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