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Emas Sutera Boutique

last holiday was one of my most productive one coz i get to sell things, help my mom with the boutique and designed the new Emas Sutera logo! it's been years we've used the old one and my mom kept asking my dad, sis n me to create a new one. she's VERY VERY VERY hard to please! everytime we show her the logo we did, she'd say it's not what she had in mind. well, it's very hard to read people's mind, right? and FINALLY i came up with something that she actually like! i started out just to please her and i did in the end :) what a great thing to do.

my mom said she wants something with a depth, swirly and bold. she always wants something bold because that's who she is even though we've told her time and time again that a boutique selling Jubah and all doesn't suit a bold logo. i wanted the logo to represent her as well. we don't just sell clothes, we have health products and we're also involve in MLM (multilevel marketing). so, it's important for the logo to show all of those things.

third attempt and my mom fell in love with the logo :)

i used the fat Baldur typeface for the lower caps letters and the letter 'S'. i adjusted them a little bit and put some swirly stuff here and there like my mom wanted. the letter 'E' was from Edwardian but, i adjusted it too to compliment the other letters. in the end, i decided that the swirly lines are threads and the dots are beads.. i got the idea because i was helping my sis sewing beads onto Emas Sutera very own clothes.

here are some of the other ideas for the logo's background and colours. Kakja said the black background really brings out the logo. nak bold sangat kan.. my mom wants the words to have outline but i didn't.. but, it's her logo so, i had to put it there.

i actually like this one..

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