of booth, boutique, beadxels and used clothes

what else have i been doing last holiday?
  • sold 10 clothes (6 of them are my own used clothes)
  • sold 1 tudung
  • sold 8 small sets of One Drop Perfumes
  • sewn manik on a Jubah Seluar Vietnam
  • still sewing manik on a Jubah Seluar Vietnam
  • did 3 custom-made Beadxels
  • got 1 offer to make a custom-made Beadxels for 550 pieces! (that's like RM2000++ in total but i haven't got their feedback on that yet)
  • created 10+ new Beadxels
  • gotten my P licence!
  • drove 2 times since i've gotten my P liscence
  • watched Avatar again (3 times already!)
  • spent RM200 in a day at Alamanda :p~
so, now you know that i also like to make money apart from spending them :) after working, i've gotten so tired that i can't even on my computer and blog. that's why i've postponed writing about my new year's resolution again and again, sorry about that..

what have i learned? never underestimate a salesgirl! i said that not just because i had been one but try la understand a salesgirl's situation whenever you're reasoning with one. sometimes, it's hard for us to lower prices of good quality and hand-made clothes. they worth a lot to us. clothes have prides too! there's a reason why those clothes har pricey. my mom don't just blindly put a RM236 tag on a Baju Kurung Pahang sewn with expensive glittery manik on them. manik is ridiculously expensive nowadays. nak jahitnye lagi.. memang perit. so please be considerate when you're bargaining with us. think about the effort we've made to produce such beautiful clothes.

i did twitted about Emas Sutera opening a new booth in Kompleks Bangi Utama (used to have Warta in it). i was one of the salesgirl there. i used to be afraid of being one because i had to talk to the customers n i didn't know how but, i learned. here's some pictures of the booth:

the newly opened booth

we only sell blouses and clothes under RM200 on the booth

Clearence Clothes for only RM15! most of those are my used clothes. some of them are branded and bought form overseas. but, now i just sell them for the lowest prices possible!

click Full Post > to see more pictures and stories!

English Cotton Jubah and Baju Kurung

One Drop Perfumes

the counter where i spent the rest of my days on. whenever there's no customers, i sat there and menjahit, create new Beadxels, promote2...

Beadxels! they sure does captures people's attention. people kept on asking what they were and how to make em. lots of people never seen such things before.

i've standardize the Beadxels' prices. but, my sis said she had changed the prices!

wna see my manik masterpiece? hehe! i had fun sewing the manik. but, it was so susaaahh! skali salah, abess kne potong the whole thing and jahit balik sumeee.. pastu t'cucuk jari sane sini.. i never thought menjahit manik was soo adventurous!

the whole look of the Jubah Seluar Vietnam

i love this part the most! i was thinking of Cleopatra when i was sewing the manik. it looked even nicer when you're wearing Tudung Hawa.

close up

it took me two days to sewn on the manik on those lines..

manik on the sleeves

this is the Jubah Seluar Vietnam i'm working on

unfinished beads. this picture was taken a week ago. i've sewn the whole neck now.

close up


ammar said...

klo i tgk beadxel cmtuu... i pn bli... sbb salesgirl pn lawa + pndai jgk promote n cri market..

mein melon said...

aaa... ok..